Rules & FAQ

  1. Vore and other art communities have special places marked all-ages or adults-only. If you are under 18, please respect age limits in place. If you're caught, you may get your favorite artists or RP partners in trouble, or you may be kicked out of certain places.
  2. Roleplay is a fun way to make stories of your own. Just remember to play nicely and respect your partners. Don't force yourself onto someone if they aren't interested.
  3. DVA servers are welcoming to community members of all backgrounds and identities. This includes race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family status, religion, mental and physical ability, size, species, personal preferences, and hunger level. We actively defend this from any attempts to discriminate, devalue, or otherwise attack fellow members on a personal level.
  4. To help enforce Rule #1, artists and creators must set a good example by appropriately posting their work along an SFW/NSFW divide. A good rule of thumb is to allow soft oral vore with no nudity or suggestive poses to be marked SFW, and all other vore work to be marked NSFW.
  5. Depicting minors in any NSFW situation, as defined in Rule #4, is strictly forbidden. It's the law. Just don't do it.
  6. Vore is not about real-life cannibalism. Do not attempt to eat human flesh IRL, and don't endanger your body eating raw meat.

I came to this from memes. Vore me Daddy, amirite?

Thank you, Lindsay. The vore memes going around are pretty fun, but we like to see it as a chance to teach people about how useful... and how unintentionally common vore is. Resistance is futile.

My birthday is on August 8! Can't you have it on a different day?

Sorry about the coincidence. Plenty of people are born and celebrate their birthday each day. Even the least common birth days, Leap Day (February 29) and Christmas Day (December 25), still have enough people born those days to make it difficult to avoid.

Wait, isn't '88' a dogwhistle?

Unfortunately, yes it is. But, just like how '666' is a lucky number in China, the date '8/8' still has a place within us. We've made it clear in Rule #3 above that we are pretty much the opposite of Nazis in DVA, so in a way we're taking back that number for a safer reason. Shocking, I know.

Vore is disgusting! Why are you so disgusting?

Vore is gross in the same way that gore is gross: it's fleshy, gooey, and probably shouldn't be seen in a G-rated movie. But gore is a staple of action and horror, and nobody begrudges directors for loving it.

Isn't vore just a fetish?

Not exactly. The word 'vore' online came out of 'vorarephilia', the actual fetish. Ask a lot of artists who embrace vore from other broad fandoms like sizeplay and furry, and they'll say it isn't the same for them. They just see it as a fantastical extension of their identity.